Reflections on the Second Half of Life

Welcome to this new website and blog!

As a recently retired baby boomer, I am aware of so many of my peers who making the retirement transition in numbers never before experienced in our nation.  Some seem to make the transition easily and others struggle to figure out a life that does not include a 9 to 5 job.  As a life-coach, trained to assist people making any life transition, I am especially interested in this challenging crossroad.   The obvious need  of so many to orient themselves to this new stage prompted me to start my business called ENCORE COACHING.

This blog is one way to share some the insights I have gleaned from my study and my clients.  I have Googled  “preparation for retirement” and find that 95% has to do with finances and insurance.  The bigger, more interesting  question is “What am I going to do with the money and time I have at my disposal?”  I hope that in future posts, you will find some thought provoking ideas to propel you into a life you will love to live in the retirement years.  Watch for blog entries once or twice per week!

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