Adding another phase to the life cycle

Life expectancy has increased significantly since we baby boomers were born!  It is now 78 years–but for those of us who make it to 65, on average we will have another twenty years.  That means we are going to get mighty bored if we don’t figure out how to use this time in a meaningful way.

Some authors are exploring this additional life phase and trying to name  it.  Is it the second half of life, the third chapter, adulthood II,  the encore of life or just a long retirement?    Whatever we name, I am convinced it has the potential to be the BEST part of our lives if we plan it thoughtfully.

If you are wondering how to start planning an awesome retirement and live in the Omaha or Dubuque area, you may consider attending one of my seminars.  See details if you click on the sidebar on this page.

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