Book Recommendation

I have been delving into books that educate me about the “second half of life,” “third chapter,” Adulthood II, i.e. the retirement years.  I will occasionally make a recommendation of a book I found particularly enlightening.  This book is one of my favorites:

Cohen, Gene D. The Creative Age: Awakening Human Potential in the Second Half of Life.  Quill HarperCollins  2000.

For those who think that retirement is the beginning of the end, this book is for you.  Cohen makes it clear the aging is perhaps the very best time for creativity to emerge.  He starts with the biology of the brain, showing that, whatever losses come with age, the brain still has the plasticity and the ability to create new pathways in response to environment and behavior.  In fact, older members of society have a wealth of experience that provides rich creative contributions to our world.  The book is filled with examples of people who have made major cultural contributions after age 65.  He also provides many examples of how ordinary people can creatively live their lives at any age.  This fascinating book encourages us to live life fully.

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