Formula for a Meaningful Life

I attended a program sponsored by AARP called Life Reimagined. It is geared toward people who are making life changes in retirement years. The most interesting part of it for me is a formula they provide to find one’s purpose.
This is it: Gifts (Things we are good at) + Passions (Things we love) + Values (Things that motivate us) EQUALS Purpose. It is a simple statement but needs a lot of unpacking in order to identify each of these elements for the individual. In my coaching we do exactly that.

A message I consistently give in my talks and coaching is that PURPOSE is the primary key to a long, healthy life. This is based on research. One fact: people with High Purpose are 2.4 times less likely to develop the symptoms of Alzheimer’s than those with Low Purpose.

If anyone wants to explore these thoughts further, I still have some room in my workshop on May 29–see that sidebar for details.

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