Leaving a Legacy

Rich and famous people like to give large monetary gifts that create the occasion to have institutions, buildings or programs named after them. It is part of their legacy and a way of being remembered. Most of us don’t have that option because we live with modest incomes. Nevertheless, we also want to leave something of ourselves to our children and our society so that we can live with the realization that our lives matter.

Some great reflection questions for all of us living in the second half of life: What is my contribution to my world? What will I be remembered for? What part of me will live on beyond my life span?

Some may believe that beyond producing children and working a career, the legacy is complete. I challenge that assumption. The part of our life cycle after formal retirement offers immense opportunities to make our mark. It is up to us to decide what that mark will be. The possibilities are endless–and yet so specific to each of us.

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