Anxious vs. Non-Anxious Presence

Heard a speaker who contrasted Anxious Presence to Non-Anxious Presence. Anxious Presence in fear-based in relation to God, lacks self-awareness, always needs more to be satisfied, is inward focused and is low in emotional intelligence. People with Non-Anxious Presence are peaceful with God, calm, joyous, grateful, humble, focused on the present moment, outward focused in service, playful, interdependent and have high emotional intelligence.

Hopefully as we become more mature, we grow in non-anxious presence–though not all do! We cannot fix those who are stuck in anxious presence but we CAN LISTEN. As a coach, it is my job to stay in Non-Anxious Presence–no matter how the client shows up. This has a calming effect. All is Well!

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