First are our thoughts…

My reading lately has been repeating a concept worth exploring. AARP has published a book called, Life Reimagined.
An interesting book, it offers some guidelines for creating major life changes–like retirement. The premise is that first we have to imagine or envision the way we want things to be. We are agents–not victims–who have the power to be intentional about the outcomes in our lives. Another book, Mastering Life’s Energies, by Maria Nemeth demonstrates that physical reality must be rooted in visionary reality in order for it to have meaning. First we have the intention and then we push it into real life.

This may be self-evident and yet many baby-boomers do not thoughtfully plan ahead for the next twenty or more years. Such retirements can easily be frittered away do mundane activities just to make time go faster.

I invite you to explore this critical question: What is the contribution I want to make during this phase of my life?

Coming Soon…

Planning Lifes Encore 090115

For those who want a fresh perspective on retirement, this is for you! I will be offering a workshop on Sept. 1 at a lovely retreat center. I am thinking especially of teachers who may be experiencing withdrawal as students return to the classroom without them. (Click on the link above to open the brochure.)