Living in Gratitude

An older women at my church has been having health problems which I only know because she on the prayer list. When I see her and ask her how she is doing, she always responds, “I am blessed.” She clearly means it because she is putting her focus on what she has (her abundance) and not on what she does not have–a pain free life (her scarcity). It is all about focus–where we put our attention.

We all experience both abundance and scarcity. I believe the key to a satisfying and joyous life is to train ourselves to focus on our abundance. One small habit I have developed is to name three things for which I am grateful each day. I make myself mix it up so it not the same three every day. As I do this, I feel “blessed.”

We all know people who get grouchy as they age–perhaps they are no feeling well. I want to be more like my church friend whose aches and pains are irrelevant because I have so many things on my gratitude list.

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