My new title: Elder in Training

I had the marvelous opportunity to attend a workshop in Durango, CO, on conscious eldering. The name, eldering, may be a put-off for some of us who feel like we are still youthful people in spite of the number of candles on our birthday cakes. It is an adjustment to accept this label in our youth-centered society but I learned that “elders” are valued in many cultures and we owe it to our communities to be sources of wisdom for younger members.

I happily claim the title, “Elder-in-Training” as I look for ways to grow into this second maturity. I do think it is our responsibility to live vibrant lives, using our free time to do what we love and build on a lifetime of learning. Our purpose is not to put ourselves on the shelf and turn all responsibility to the younger generation as we play cards and golf–though some of that is fine. The conscious elder contributes talents and wisdom where it can benefit families and communities with a goal of leaving a legacy that will long outlive our physical lives.

I highly recommend Ron Pevny’s book, Conscious Living, Conscious Aging if you are interested in being a elder-in-training.

Living the Fall Season

I am now allowing myself to thoroughly enjoy the autumn season. The brilliant colors, the fresh cool air, apples and pumpkins create a lovely ambiance each day. In the past, I would always lament that summer is over and winter is next. Instead of enjoying the moment, I was always regretting the change of seasons. How foolish of me!

There is a strong parallel to my life season, as I am now into the Third Chapter in my own life cycle. Happily, I am enjoying the fruits of this season rather than regretting the fact that years have been accumulating. I have more aches and pains than when I was forty (the summer) but I see (with my bifocals) the colors of life with more appreciation. Maybe that is the key to enjoying the fall (annually and in the full life cycle)–APPRECIATION. I take less for granted and am more grateful for each day and each experience. I am seeing some of the fruits of my labor and am glad I have the chance to enjoy the produce. It is a lovely time of life.

“For everything that has been, I say, ‘Thank you.’ To all that is yet to be, I say, ‘Yes!'” –Dag Hammarskjold