Living the Fall Season

I am now allowing myself to thoroughly enjoy the autumn season. The brilliant colors, the fresh cool air, apples and pumpkins create a lovely ambiance each day. In the past, I would always lament that summer is over and winter is next. Instead of enjoying the moment, I was always regretting the change of seasons. How foolish of me!

There is a strong parallel to my life season, as I am now into the Third Chapter in my own life cycle. Happily, I am enjoying the fruits of this season rather than regretting the fact that years have been accumulating. I have more aches and pains than when I was forty (the summer) but I see (with my bifocals) the colors of life with more appreciation. Maybe that is the key to enjoying the fall (annually and in the full life cycle)–APPRECIATION. I take less for granted and am more grateful for each day and each experience. I am seeing some of the fruits of my labor and am glad I have the chance to enjoy the produce. It is a lovely time of life.

“For everything that has been, I say, ‘Thank you.’ To all that is yet to be, I say, ‘Yes!'” –Dag Hammarskjold

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