Inspiring Reading

My curiosity and interest in the Third Chapter of life has led me into books that have opened my mind to the richness that lies ahead. One I particularly enjoyed is written by Mary Catherine Bateson who is the daughter of Margaret Mead.

Bateson approaches the ages between 50 and 75+ from her anthropological perspective, describing this part of the life span as Adulthood II. She explains how longevity has changed our society by giving most people an additional life phase that can provide enrichment for the whole population. By telling the stories of people who are living into Adult II, she describes this phase as having more benefits than drawbacks. She describes it as a time of wholeness when the spiritual aspects become richer and fuller. She talks about the task of developing a legacy to pass on to the next generation–a legacy the is made up of wisdom, values and stories.

This book sowed excitement in me for the years to come.

Bateson, Mary Catherine. Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom. Vintage Books 2010

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