Skip New Year’s Resolutions

We have the habit of thinking that at the beginning of each year we will somehow magically develop the discipline to do the things we know we should be doing.  By February 1, most are forgotten.

I believe a more effective plan is to create a “game worth playing” by identifying one big goal or purpose that has the potential to stir up our energies.  Make it big enough that it requires a commitment to focus our attention over time.  It needs to have “juice” for us so we don’t lose interest when the going gets tough–and it will.  No goal worth pursuing is handed to us on a silver platter.

Then decide on small steps that can be taken each day to get us a bit closer to that goal.  For example, hiking the Grand Canyon is a goal that requires physical training to achieve.  Losing 20 pounds is not a goal–but perhaps a means to get fit in order to hike the Grand Canyon.

In our Third Chapter of Life, it is critical that we develop goals and purpose to help us organize our days.  Research shows that this will increase physical and mental well-being.

Have a happy and purposeful New Year!

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