Creating our Legacy

Before Christmas I gathered with my siblings to have our holiday celebration. We are all into the Third Chapter and have the flexibility of coming together on a week-day. It was delightful to have time to tell stories and share memories–something we commonly do when we get together.

I decided to ask a probing question before we went our separate ways. I asked, “What is one non-material legacy that you want to pass on to the next generation?” The responses were marvelous! Each person had a heartfelt value that he or she learned over a lifetime. “Trust God no matter how difficult life gets because somehow things will work out for the best.” “Be inclusive of people who may be different from us. They have something to share and deserve to be heard.” “Don’t be afraid to take risks. Everything worthwhile requires some risks.” “Instead of focusing on the evils of the world, look at the helpers, those who are doing good things every day This is where we get our hope.” “Don’t take yourself too seriously. Keep your humor.”

When I think about my family members who shared these beliefs and values, I know that these really are what they are passing on to the next generation because this is how they live their lives now. These are the things for which they will be remembered.

What is your legacy?

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