Trying to Make Sense

Following the election, I have been trying to make sense of what has happened, why and what my role is in balancing out the negativity and pain I hear, see and feel. I have found some wise elders who are thinking deeply on this very topic. This quotation below is from Ron Pevny, author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging.
Will share more in coming days.

“Throughout this seemingly endless election cycle, I have tried to look beneath political ideologies and personal characteristics to see the types of consciousness that are at play in the polarization in modern society. And alas, I recognize that same polarization within me–a conflict that I experience as essentially a struggle between fear and trust.

I have seen my inclination to see and expect the worst, and how easily fear arises within me. When fear predominates, my moods, attitudes, choices and perceptions are colored by it, and I feel disempowered, vulnerable and hopeless. I become self-absorbed, my heart closes, I see others as enemies, and my vision of the larger picture is constricted. My energy goes toward holding on to a familiar past rather than embracing the possibilities of an unfamiliar future. When such survival consciousness reigns supreme in me, I lose sight of the expanded life that is possible for me and others.

In strong contrast, when trust is strongly present, I am hopeful, I feel strong, my heart is open. I am in touch with the best in me and others, so that I can support myself and others in contributing our best to creating a healthy world in which we all thrive. The actions I take seem to be more likely to help build bridges than to further strengthen walls…”

“Using whatever ways work for us, I believe our commitment to conscious aging requires us to strive to be aware and intentional of the consciousness–fear or trust, survival or thrival–that we choose to feed each day. Do we feed our bodies, minds and spirits food, images, activities and relationships that bring out the best in ourselves and others? Or do we feed the consciousness of fear that closes our hearts, numbs our spirits and blinds our vision?

Strengthening the consciousness of trust is possible. It takes commitment and effort, but I believe it is crucial if, rather than just surviving, we are to thrive as hopeful, inclusive, resilient, big-hearted elders, and to do our part to help create a hopeful, inclusive, resilient, compassionate society. Doing so is what can help us remember that there is indeed a fountain that can bring us solace and strength when hope feels lost.”

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