Inviting the New to Emerge

In order to allow for something new to emerge in the Third Chapter of Life, it is necessary to let go of what was, i.e. the Second Chapter.  The sense of importance that marks the mid-life coming from the responsibilities we carry, the salary we earn, the prestige of titles, the recognition that we  “made it”—-these are all the things that fade as we enter the Third Chapter.  Our very identity shifts.

For those who are less conscious, this feels like unrequited loss.  However, the loss is not without rewards. This self-dissolution is required in order to have self-transcendence.  In other words,  to be more than we have been, we must let go of what has been.

In making a conscious passage deeper into the inner life, we cannot continue to cling to the acquisitions and pre-occupations that take all our attention in mid-life.  They served their purpose and now is the time to release our grip so something new can happen.  Now is the time to see, savor, enjoy whatever has meaning and purpose for us now.  Watch for it!  If we are awake, it will surely come.

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