My Own Liminal Time

In any transition, we recognize there is always a liminal time–that is the threshold between what was and what will be in the future.  My life experience of that past month is the physical limitation of a broken wrist.  It is healing well and will be fine.  Still I sense that I am having an experience that pushes me into another life phase–one in which I cannot rely on my body to be fully functional without pain.  It seems that in recent years, if it is not one thing, it is another.

I confess I do not like it!  My mind and spirit are vital and I have much that I want to do.  I do grieve the loss of physical strength, flexibility and energy, while being pain free.  Meanwhile I am communicating a message to others that this can be the best time life–if we so choose.  The Third Chapter is meant to be the climax–the fulfillment of a life well-lived.  Now when the daunting challenge is mine, I need to walk the talk.

So here goes some self talk:  “Where do I focus my attention?  On that which I can do or that which I cannot?  Maybe my golf days are over (have not been out in four years) but I can still bike (after my wrist heals.)  Maybe yardwork is too much now.  I will hire help and enjoy other activities instead.  Maybe pulling a camper is too daunting now but there are rental cabins and hotels.  There are other ways to enjoy travel and the outdoors.”

Does this conversation with self echo your own?  It usually boils down to focusing on our abundance instead of our scarcity.  It is something for us to remember going into the Thanksgiving season.


















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