Purpose of Coaching:  Coaching is a sequential process consisting of clarifying intentions, designing goals, and taking authentic action within a safe, supportive relationship.  Coaching is NOT psychotherapy, nor should it be used as a substitute for counseling, legal, financial or medical services.

One-on-One Retirement Coaching 

Nancy offers personal coaching geared toward those who have retired or are planning retirement.  Six individual sessions over three months is minimum in order to realize the benefits.  Six months is recommended in order to establish new habits.  Sessions are 50 minutes and may be in person, on telephone, or by SKYPE.

Couples Retirement Coaching

Sessions include couples who are planning retirement together.  Couples explore what goals they hold in common and which goals they want to pursue individually.  By becoming clear with themselves and one another, they are positioned to support each other in realizing all goals.  Sessions are 75 minutes in length over a minimum of six sessions within three months. Sessions may be in person,on telephone or SKYPE.

Group Retirement Coaching

For those who prefer a group setting to explore a meaningful retirement, Nancy offers group coaching three times per year.  Each group meets weekly for six consecutive weeks for 90 minute sessions.  Group members identify meaningful goals and begin the process of putting them into action.  Group size varies between 6 and 10.

Non-Profit Leadership Coaching

In addition to her retirement specialty, Nancy uses her extensive experience in non-profit leadership to coach non-profit executives who are seeking to improve their skills in articulating and accomplishing their goals.  Nancy is demand to coach executive directors and management teams.  Contracts require six sessions as a minimum.

General Life Coaching

Nancy is also available to support professionals who are seeking to make positive changes in their careers or personal lives.  The principles that facilitate of life of clarity, focus, ease and grace apply to all.

Presentations:  Educational programs of varying length are offered by arrangement with Nancy Hemesath. Watch for announcements on this website or Facebook for times and places.

Introductory Sessions

Nancy Hemesath is available for informational sessions about the joys and challenges of creating a truly meaningful retirement.  Her message centers on the importance of planning beyond the financial aspects of the post-full-time-career phase of life.  These are typically thirty minutes in length.  They are sponsored by financial planners, church groups, or service clubs.

One Day Seminars on Retirement

One day seminars are offered with the theme of “Visioning the Life You Want to Live.”   Participants learn about the elements needed to have a meaningful, joyous retirement.  They are introduced to tools that help them enrich their lives and gain an appreciation of the possibilities available to them in “second half of life.”  Participants leave with a mental image of what they want their lives to be about in the retirement years.

Customized presentations

Nancy is available to provide programs and/or training sessions for company or clients of varying lengths. Nancy has been invited by financial planners, church groups, and AARP to do retirement presentations.   Contact Nancy to explore the program that would meet the client’s goals.