I hired Nancy to coach me to become a more effective pastor. Nancy has given me a variety of tools that have helped me change the way I think, improve my relationships with people at work and at home, and enhance my daily ministry. She also holds me accountable to authentic actions (what you might call goals) in an encouraging, helpful way. I am accomplishing more now than before I was working with her. She also has a spiritual side to her that she shares at appropriate times. I am very grateful to be working with Nancy Hemesath as my coach.

–Becky Balestri, Pastor

Although I had looked forward to retirement I found that I needed to “reinvent” myself in order to adjust to this new life situation.  Nancy helped me examine what I wanted and held me accountable for setting and pursuing my goals.  The tools she gave me have proven invaluable.  Especially when life does not go as planned, I am able to use the things she taught me to persevere.  Hiring Nancy was time and money well spent.   I wish I would have had her guidance when I was much younger.

–Lana Stephens, Recent Retiree

When I wondered what my life might be like after retirement, Nancy helped me to see the possibilities.  She gave me tools to help see my strengths, explore my accomplishments, and envision contributions I can make as I transition into the next phase of my life.  Nancy’s coaching skills are an enormous benefit to helping me make this transition gracefully and consciously.

–Karen Grigsby, Retirement Planner

When I started my participation in Nancy’s coaching group for retirees, I was at a low.  Having retired six months earlier, I had lost my sense of purpose and did not know how to get out of the hole I was in.  After each group session, I walked out excited and hopeful.  I regained my sense of purpose, set goals,  and regained my positive mood and enthusiasm.  It was just what I needed!  By the end of six sessions, I had set my goals. I then hired Nancy to coach me individually for three more months.  The fog has lifted and I am ready to move forward.  I have a plan and am taking concrete steps to make it happen.

Sharon Anderson, Recent Retiree

Statements from Participants in the Retirement Workshop

–Nancy was engaging and questioning to lead to open dialogue with ourselves about our “retirement” process.
–I can’t wait and am excited to see what “my retirement garden” will grow and look like through the adventure of the “next chapter.”
–The workshop more than met my expectations. There is more to life than things. Life is not over yet!
–There is lots of potential for me. I can discover my passions and set to goals to work toward them.
–I was willing to be open to a new way of thinking about retirement. I found several things that I am anxious to try.
–It gave me a perspective and tools for my retirement beyond the financial aspects.
–It is important to identify your passions and choose activities to fulfill them.
–It met my expectations by giving me some direction as I’ve started my partial retirement. It was like taking me by the shoulders and facing me in a definite direction and saying, “Go this way–try it.”
–I feel energized and enthusiastic as I leave. The “work” and interactions were great.
–The workshop was engaging–the day moved quickly. It was good to have a variety of activities. It met my expectation of planning my future.
–As I leave I want find my passion and make it happen!